33c Mira Control Cable

Teleflex Standard Grade 3300 Cable
Engine Throttle & Gear Selection Cables
CC172 - Control cables specifically made for the marine environment to meet or exceed all industry standards are offered in a broad selection to fit all popular engine and boat requirements.
To determine replacement cable, measure end to end.
Stainless steel core wire/brass fittings. 10-32" threads.
Universal 3300 Control Cable offers quality, and a smooth feel at the control
* Universal cables meet all specifications for 3300/33C type original equipment cables.
* Cables can use the existing connection components.
* Stainless steel and brass fittings.
* Cable has a 10-32 threaded terminal and a clamp-type fitting at each end.
* 3" nominal travel, 8" minimum bend radius
* Standard cables use stainless steel Lubri-Coreā„¢ core wire for smooth operation and long life.
* Black HDPE outer casing for durability and best resistance to UV and chemicals.
* Cables meet or exceed all applicable industry standards.
Universal type cables are designed to fit aftermarket engine controls as well as OEM units from BMW, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, Volvo, Yamaha and others.
Fits inboards and outboards. 3" travel.Clamp connection both ends.
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